Cantilever Bridge Design Technology

Cantilever bridge is a type of bridge system that called by the way main construction works. Cantilever is  a structural element which has one side in the air and other side is cast in something. So that one side can move to every place, and other side is jammed and has no displacements. In nowadays cantilever bridges technology aren’t used so often like they were in the past. Mostly because… Read more

Cable-Stayed Bridge Design Facts

Cable stayed bridge is a bridge system that has one two pylons (towers), from which cables support bridge deck. Depending on a bridge length and width of a road bridge desk is lying on a cross beams which is attached to cables. So basically cables support cross beams. Cable stayed bridge systems are used to cover big distances. Is regular that cable stayed systems are used on spans that are… Read more

Truss Bridge Designs and Types

Truss bridge designs are a difficult processes to start with. Depending on the obstacle, length of a span and many others factors you can choose between different truss bridge types. Basic truss bridge consists of: longitudial beam, cross beam, main truss, lateral bracing, bearing member Truss bridges are massive constructions whose load-bearing superstructure is composed of a truss, a structure of connected elements forming triangular units. Alltought that truss bridges… Read more